Today’s Fringe Lottery Results!

120 applications from all around the globe, many chilly campers outside our door this morning for our 10 earlybird local spots, and a donut-fueled lottery draw – what a day!

Thanks to our guest “artistic directors” who helped draw the numbers.

Here’s who got in the 2011 Victoria Fringe. If you applied and you’re not on this list, you’re on the waiting list. Look for an email with details in your inbox soon!

WHO IS IN?  Congratulations to the following companies, who are confirmed in the 2011 Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival!

CONFIRMED International / overseas

1.  Rob Gee (Caff Touring Lottery)

2.  Big Empty Barn (Caff Touring Lottery)

3.  Dancing Story Singers

4.  The Birdman

5.  Weeping Spoon Productions

6.  Eye of the Storm Productions

7.  Noel James Productions

CONFIRMED National (Canada and US)

1.  Stars and Hearts (Caff Touring Lotto)

2.  Stupid Gumball Dispenser (Caff Touring Lotto)

3.  Sisterscene Productions (Caff Touring Lotto)

4.  Bzzt! Trap Door Theatre

5.  Charles

6.  Gemma Wilcox

7.  Katherine Glover

8.  Little Black Book Productions

9.  Whimsical Productions and Winged Centaurus

10.  Wonderheads

11.  Bob Brader

12.  Sleepy Productions

13.  Kiss the Unicorn Productions

14.  Third Beat Production

15.  Joel Crichton Emergency

16.  Global Village Idiot Productions

17.  Yana Kisla

18.  Human Body Project


1.  Monster Theatre (Caff Touring Lotto)

2.  Launch Pad Productions (Earlybird Local)

3.  The Kicks (Earlybird Local)

4.  Urban Arts Productions (Earlybird Local)

5.  One Dead Troll and a Cranny (Earlybird Local)

6.  Knight in Shining Armour Productions (Earlybird Local)

7.  Off the Tongue (Earlybird Local)

8.  Raving Beauty Productions (Earlybird Local)

9.  Dragon Monkey Theatre (Earlybird Local)

10.  Scrumpy Productions (Earlybird Local)

11.  Snafu Dance (Earlybird Local)

12.  Not the Mermaid

13.  Resounding Scream Theatre

14.  MBUH Productions

15.  Random Samples Productions

16.  Pandoval Productions

17.  Chris Wakaluk

18.  Rolling Stock Theatre

19.  Garbagebear Productions

20.  hip.Bang! Productions

21.  Winks

22.  Andrew Barber Sketch Comedy

23.  Ready, Set, Theatre

24.  Mowbray and Mills

There’s always lots of movement in the list before the festival, and sometimes venues are added, so be prepared for changes and additions in the coming months!


The following companies are on the waiting list and are NOT confirmed in the 2011 Fringe. When a company drops out of the Fringe, we replace it with a waiting list company from the same regional quota. If you’re one of these companies, look for an email with more details in your in box soon!


1.  Probationary Theatre Company

2.  Jon Bennett

3.  Big World Performance Poetry

4.  Daniel Nimmo

5.  Sinead Cormack

6.  Folk Heritage Multimedia


1.  Reimstein Theatre

2.  Paul Cosentino

3.  Romantic Animal Theatre Posse

4.  Sansregret Productions

5.  Spaceshift Productions

6.  Barry Smtih

7.  Alice Nelson

8.  Concrete Drops

9.  Poiema Productions

10. Howard Petrick Presents

11. SXS Productions

12. Surreal Soreal Theatre

13. Gale Force Wind

14. Ronin Theatre

15. Martin Dockery

16. Hoffmaniac Producions

17.  MW Productions

18. Horse Trade

19. Chris Gibbs

20. Mark Lyon

21. Dutch Girl Productions

22. Ausable Theatre

23. Godot Art Productions

24. Prancing Pickle Pony

25. Tim Motley

26. Found in New York Productions

27. The Horrible Friends

28. Circo de Nada

29. Speakeasy Productions, Montreal

30. Raw Mango Productions


1.  Missing Page

2.  Story Theatre

3.  Best Bitts Productions

4.  Andrew Bailey

5.  Invisible City

6.  Colin Godbout

7.  Broad Theatre

8.  Button String Theatre

9.  Two Wrongs that Write

10. Tinfoil Dinosaur

11. 411 Society

12. The Lost and Found Dept.

13.  Brendan McLeod

14. Travis Bernardt

15. Stand and Speak

16. Impulse Theatre

17. Duqanuq Produqtions

18. Rice and Beans Theatre

19. Random Selection of Chairs

20. Delinquent Theatre

21. Peter ‘n’ Chris

22. Collywobbles

23. Shark House

24. Fringetastic

25. Cheekly Little Sleekers

26. Active Salad Productions

27.  The Imaginary Theatre Company

28. Ratfish Comedy

29. Theatre in the Raw

30.  Human Theatre

31. Third Degree Theatre

32. Weightless Productions

33. Delcon Entertainment

34. Til Death do us Part

35. Dave Morris

36. Escapist Entertainment

37. Point Blank Players

38. Inside Out Productions

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