Gone Fringing!

Welcome to Intrepid Theatre’s website! For the month of August while we freshen up this site, meet us at VICTORIAFRINGE.COM, where you’ll find all the program details and buzz for our 25th annual Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, August 25-Sept 4, 2011!  There’s lots of pre-fringe fun, including DIE ROTEN PUNKTE (see below) at the Metro Aug 18-20, and our 25th birthday bash Aug 23. Use the handy links below to take you where you wanna go:

Die Roten Punkte KUNST ROCK (Art Rock)

August 18, 19, 20 at 8PM,
Metro Studio

$20 (student+senior)
$22 (regular)

Order Online at Ticketrocket
(10-5, Mon-Fri)

Victoria’s favourite Berlin punk rock duo Astrid and Otto Rot are back for a limited three-night run as part of a world tour (in between Astrid’s visits to rehab). They will not be appearing at the Victoria Fringe this year, so this is your only chance to see them. “Pitch perfect pop parody, if there’s a fan club, I’m joining!” The Scotsman(*****). “Orgasmic rock-und-roll experience.” – Monday Magazine (*****). Save the date – don’t miss out on the pre-fringe fun! dierotenpunkte.com

Visit the Die Roten Punkte You tube channel to see their videos!

Flashmob Like It’s 1986!

The Fringe is planning the biggest flash mob Victoria has ever seen. The Fringemob is gonna be epic!  And we want all our Fringe friends to get in on the fun. You too can be part of this spontaneous 80’s themed choreographed happening in Centennial Square on Tues August 23 to celebrate the Fringe’s 25th anniversary. We’ll be running some informal training sessions around town in the lead up to the Fringe so that everyone is up on the moves. Email vicfringemob@intrepidtheatre.com register your interest and we’ll keep you in the loop. Join the Facebook Event.

25 Years of Fringe Memories

We need your Fringe stories and photos! This year the Fringe turns 25 years old and we are creating a virtual scrapbook of memorable Fringe moments from over the years. What are your golden Fringe moments that stand out as the most memorable part of the festival? Does it involve meeting performers in line-ups? Volunteering for the Fringe? Billeting a performer? A show that redefined theatre for you? The kindness of a fellow fringer? A moment that sums up what fringe is really about? Or just a funny story that has stayed with you? Or are there any particular photos you are particularly fond of? Email them to us, or you can post them to twitter  (hastag #yyjfringe) or our facebook page. We’ll collect them as we lead up to Fringe and will be awarding ticket prizes to the best entries! Watch out also for Monday Mag’s Fringe Memories competition.

To jog your memory, here are some vintage Fringe photos from over the years.

L-R Stuart Nemptin, Randy Smith, and Brian Paisley

L-R Stuart Nemptin, Randy Smith, and Brian Paisley

Back in the 90’s Market Square was a Fringe venue - Randy Smith founded the Victoria Fringe in 1986, Brian Paisley founded the big daddy Fringe in Edmonton, and Stuart Nemptin has performed in countless Fringes and can be found at FringeKids this year. Continue reading

Die Roten Punkte: Q&A

Fringe Fest legends and Berlin rockers Die Roten Punkte (the Red Dots) are back in Victoria for a three-night run at the Metro in August. This hilarious and truly unique brother-and-sister duo have been described as “a lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision between B52s, Kraftwerk and early Ramones”. Intrepid Theatre’s Sammie Gough chats to them about rehab, their new album Kunst Rock and their love of all things Victoria, particularly Atomic Vaudeville. Continue reading

25th anniversary Fringe Lineup!

Ingrid Hansen in "Little Orange Man"

Ingrid Hansen in "Little Orange Man"

Birdmen, Lizardboys and Future Girls. Hidden Jems, SmartArses and Bitts. Improv short and ShLong. Brothels, whiskey bars and bachelor pads. The Universe, the multiverse and beyond. Seventy shows in thirteen venues. August 25-Sept 4, 2011. Pre-Fringe festivities begin August 22! Check out the lineup>>

Uno Fest – Three Word Reviews

Throughout the festival, audience members have been posting Three Word Reviews on twitter or text msging them to us. Here is a selection:

All Stories Are Fiction

Miraculous, sublime rant

Unique introspective brilliance

Spontaneous, heartfelt art

Masterful word art

Public Confessions of a Public Servant

Poetry In Motion

Delightful, whimsical, sweet

Touching profound loving

Lucky 9:

TJ Dawe in 'Lucky 9'

TJ Dawe in 'Lucky 9'

it’s number 1
Original, joking, mesmirising
Poignant, Profound, Humorous
1+4 equals family
Humor Through Transitive Space
Further Adventures of Antoine Feval:

Chris Gibbs

Chris Gibbs

Delirious mysterious deliciousness!
Witty, Funny, captivating
So Canadian, not!
quick, erudite, abundant
Andrew Bailey: Street cred Jesus

Uno Fest Q&A: The Devil and Billy Markham

Vancouver performer Matthew Kowalchuk is here at Uno Fest performing The Devil and Billy Markham. This rollicking show that transports you to the rock’n’roll dens of Nashville was written by the legendary songwriter Shel Silverstein, who penned the Johnny Cash hit A Boy Named Sue. Matthew took a moment to chat with Intrepid Theatre’s Sammie Gough about Shel Silverstein, the lure of the devil and swearing in churches.

How would you describe The Devil and Billy Markham? When someone asks me that, I like to ask first – do you know Shel Silverstein’s work? He’s famous for a lot of things, but probably most of all for his children’s books. And a part of what’s interesting about The Devil and Billy Markham is that it’s the piece that’s the furthest away from that. It’s rude, it’s crude, it bites you in the ass. It’s the story of a down-and-out Nashville songwriter who takes on the devil – and we all know that story, which is part of its charm, actually — but Shel has a way of reeling you in slowly and next thing you know, you’re in a place that defies all expectation – like, say, a wedding in hell with a guest list that includes Jesus, Judas, Jimi Hendrix, and Hitler. Continue reading